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Dan Rattiner's Hamptons Fables (CD)

Product Number: HEP 1026

Award-winning writer, publisher, cartoonist, cartographer, and raconteur Dan Rattiner is the founder and editor of Dan’s Papers where he has chronicled the fables and foibles of the Hamptons for more than forty years.

On this CD Dan reads some of his favorite stories from issues of the past few years. Most document the local lore of Long Island’s famous Hamptons, some range as far as New Zealand and Mars. All will remind you of classic American humorists, from Mark Twain to Ambrose Beirce, from Jean Shepherd to Garrison Keillor.

You’ll hear about the refugee chickens from Survivor enjoying their last days at Tate King’s North Sea Farms, how an East End whale got buried on Staten Island, why North Dakota is like Shinnecock Hills, the plan for New Zealand’s sheep-gas defense--and much, much more.

Dan Rattiner has a unique take on the world that will grab you. You’ll find yourself returning again and again to Dan Rattiner’s Hamptons Fables--each time you’ll leave laughing!


1. SUV vs. H2O (6:25)
2. Coca-Cola Dakota (6:04)
3. General Lexmark (5:33)
4. Chicken Business (6:49)
5. Email Race (7:46)
6. New Zealand’s Sheep-Gas Defense (4:24)
7. Inherit the Animals (7:33)
8. See the Whale (6:25)
9. House on the Rampage (4:52)
10. Dentistry (4:00)
11. Stealth Destroyer (4:35)
12. Talk of Mars (4:00)

Price: $9.95

Dan Rattiner's Hamptons Fables (CD)

More Info at DanRattiner.com

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