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French Revolutionary Calendar

Product Number: HEP 1014

by James Monaco, designed by David Lindroth

First published in YR 190 (1982 AD), this reproduction of the unusual calendar introduced by the French Revolution won awards for the graphics by David Lindroth.

We found a bunch in the basement and--since the French Revolutionary Calendar is the same every year, we decided to offer these first editions for sale again. We gaurantee it is the most unusual calendar you've ever seen.
In 1792 the French revolutionaries had a better idea: an entirely new calendar, free of unreason, superstition, and tyranny! This is an authentic reproduction of that calendar, designed during the revolution and in use for 13 years thereafter.
There are 12 equal months of thirty days, each divided into three "weeks" of ten days each. (At last you'll be able to get something done by the end of the week. . . before your regular four-day weekend!) The FRC is perpetual, so you won't have to buy a new one every year. And, best of all, each year as an extra "intercalary" period of five days at the end of the year to bring the total number of days to 365. These are holidays from time. They have no day names, so you don't have to account for them.

There's an introduction to explain the novel story of the FRC and the history of calendars in general. And, yes, you'll find a correlation to the Gregorian calendar--so you can keep track of the rest of the world!

Price: $11.97

French Revolutionary Calendar
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