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Harbor Electronic Publishing was founded by publisher/writer James Monaco to focus on diverse print and digital products that span the media. From traditional print to the latest in DVD or Web, HEP develops intellectual products that help us understand—and enjoy—the digital, cultural, and natural worlds.

The list has included:

- John Turner's Exploring the Other Island.
- Mike Bottini's best-selling Trail Guide to the South Fork
- the 50th Anniversary edition of Salt of the Earth: The Story of a Film, plus the DVD, VHS, and CD-ROM of the legendary film
- the landmark Elvis Sinatra: (Mostly) Live! DVD -Video
- Monaco's own Dictionary of New Media
- the world-renowned children's CD-ROM The Book of Lulu
- Elvis Sinatra's first audio CD, East Village Vegas!
- Doug Pratt's DVD-Video Guide (a book)
- the DVD-ROM multimedia version of How To Read a Film, winner of the DVD Association's DVD Excellence Award for 2001.
- Sonia Wachstein's Too Deep Were Our Roots, an eloquest memoir of growing up Jewish in Vienna between the two World Wars.

HEP products are distributed by UNET 2 Corporation, the pioneering Web firm Monaco founded in 1992. All are available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and HEP's own sites. Marketing efforts are focused on the Web, but include traditional media as well. Books, CDs, and DVDs are also available to the trade through Baker & Taylor, and others distributors. Most books are also available as eBooks and all music is available at iTunes and many other digital stores.