Made during the height of the McCarthy era by a group of blacklisted filmmakers who were among the best and the brightest Hollywood talent of the day, Salt of the Earth is a powerful and emotionally charged feature length film.

Salt of the Earth is based on a 1950 strike by zinc miners in Silver City, New Mexico. Against a backdrop of social injustice, a riveting family drama is played out by the characters of Ramon and Esperanza Quintero, a Mexican-American miner and his wife. In the course of the strike, Ramon and Esperanza find their roles reversed: an injunction against the male strikers moves the women to take over the picket line, leaving the men to domestic duties. The women evolve from men's subordinates into their allies and equals.

Now, on the occasion of the film's 50th anniversary, Harbor Electronic Publishing is proud to offer a new edition of Salt of the Earth: The Story of a Film by director Herbert Biberman, as well as the DVD and VHS versions of the film, and even an interactive CD-ROM.

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